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Enclosure Stand - for 122x61 based enclosures

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Are you looking for a stand for your reptile enclosure? Our affordable and lightweight 122x61x61 Reptile Enclosure Stand is a secure base for your vivarium. VHB (very high bond) tape is used to secure the stand to the enclosure to prevent slipping and misalignment. This sturdy stand is made of the same high-quality materials and features the same pressure corners used in our reptile enclosures, so they work perfectly together! Read more

About This Product

which provides a strong and secure base.  We use a VHB (Very High Bond) tape to fasten the stand and enclosure. 






The Zen Habitats Enclosure Stand is an affordable and lightweight stand that provides a secure stand for your 4’x2’ base Zen Habitats Reptile Enclosure.  The Zen Habitats Enclosure Stand is made of the same 1” aluminum frame and pressure corners used in our enclosures

Customer Reviews

Valerie L.

Very easy to assemble

Amanda T.

The stand is simple and perfect. Simple to put together as well. I suggest using a rubber mallet cause it makes it so much easier to put together.

Madalyn B.

Not worth much at all. Just a couple pieces of hollow metal

Michael H.

I absolutely love the enclosure. I was able to do so much. Hands down the best enclosure and I will be buying more attachments as my iguana gets bigger.

David G.

Both of my Zen enclosures are totally awesome. I have a 4x2x2 for my corn snake and a 2x2x4 for my Crested Gecko. I will definitely be buying more Zen enclosures for my ball python, milk snake, and leopard gecko as soon as they need the upgrade. I would highly recommend Zen Enclosures for you pets, they are the best.

Sydney F.

Easy to build and light weight!

Trista K.

Super easy to put together and I had no issues with any of the parts.

Travis B.

Wish there was a way to have it connected to the enclosure

Laura G.

Super easy to put together. Though I do wish I would of spent the extra money to get the one with cabinets to hide stuff in.

Michael H.

I love the stand. It's very sturdy and is the same width and depth as the enclosure so it blends in perfectly.

Ashley I.

The stand makes the whole thing very rocky when I open or close the inclosure also on the cage itself I used a rubber mallet and it was really tough to put together and even now when it’s finished everything is not flush like it’s supposed because it’s so tight. Nothing I can do about it now can’t return it cause I would not be able to even break it down. I guess this cage was too good to be true

Ryan D.

Save your money and buy the more expensive cabinet style one.

jennifer g.

The base is a smart investment if you purchase an enclosure—lightweight and sturdy, an excellent companion piece for a clean look.

Angela G.

Exactly as described, easy assembly! Beardie loves it!!

Caleb H.

It's a little bit wobbly, but otherwise works well.

Yolanda G.

Excellent customer service! Thank you!!

Jeff F.

It’s just a basic frame for a decent price because a table would cost just as much, the best part, it fits perfectly for the exact size and then I draped a blanket over it to make it match my decor, it’s also easier to put together than the main enclosure.

Austin V.

It does the job. So glad to finally get my enclosure off the floor!

Laura B.

I love it. It does the job and looks super nice. I had hard time getting it all together- ended up using a rubber mallet.

Stephanie C.

It serves its purpose but I prefer a sturdier type of stand. When my 4x2x2 ZenHab enclosure sat on this stand, the enclosure would rattle and when I slid the doors open, it would shake. Have it to a friend of mine and I bought the other ZenHab stand with sliding doors.

Teresa G.

In short: this stand is horribly UNSTABLE, cheap, and poorly designed. It rocks at the joints and doesn’t have anything to secure the tank to it besides sticky tape. I’ve been searching for something to replace it with because I am terrified that it’s going to break or that my tank is going to slip off of it. It also should have a flat bottom to help prevent the bottom panel from caving in (though this might be an enclosure design error in itself). I really wanted to like it because it is sleek and shows off the enclosure but it is just so unstable. Don’t waste your money.

Christopher W.

Easy to assemble and very sturdy. Looks great with our enclosure

Olga G.

Looks and works just as advertised. However, it is a bit wobbly and I wished it was a little more stable.

Laura D.

Very easy to assemble and nice to set the habitat on for height.

Rex C.

I love this tank. And will be purchasing different kinds in the future

Aimee B.

Stand is more wobbly then I am comfortable with. It does keep the enclosure at optimal height for feeding and cleaning. Overall it's a good product, but I would recommend the base with the sides for additional sturdiness

Christine K.

Have the 4x2x2 which is awesome! Also have the 2x2x2 coming soon and I can't wait to set that up! This thing was a breeze to assemble even used red tape that was provided for my enclosure to try to make this sturdier then some of the other reviews suggested. Didn't help at all. This thing is SCARY flimsy and it so didn't feel like it was gonna be while building it. The only thing that using the tape did, is keep me from being able to take it apart and return it. Whyyyy, I really wanted to like it.

Kenna A.

I purchased this frame stand along with the 4'x2'x2' Wooden Panel Habitat. As expected, it fit the dimensions perfectly, not being too big nor too small. However, I can see where other customers are coming from when they say it's a bit too wobbly. I have it placed on carpet, so it's got a little bit more friction to ground it, but for anyone putting it on a hard floor, it probably is more likely to sway and wiggle. It's stable enough to not fall, but it's definitely not firm. A recommendation for possible improvement involves the addition of feet for the bottom corners like you would see on desks or coffee tables. Perhaps that would help with stability a little bit, especially on hard floors? But I'm not sure.

Marshall R.

Fits my 4x2x2 terrarium perfectly!

Jonathan W.

Very nice stand

Blanche L.

Drogan was moved into his new home from a 40 gal tank. He walked around smelling and examining too enjoy so much freedom.

Tim D.

Your delays were obnoxious- for the cost you can’t print out instructions! Decent product, crap company and leadership. Not impressed, not happy.

Frank B.

I had one order that had the 4x2x2 stand the mat and the enclosure for it pretty much the whole kit and this was the worst experience I’ve had with any company or any shopping experience 1st my package was delayed multiple times over a span of a month an a half making the amount of time I had to wait 3 and a half months also the customer service isn’t that great they just copy and paste the same zen habitats shipping email even if u ask a question and when my items came they were damaged and the corner pieces were broken

Tracy S.

I was very disappointed in this stand. It was wobbly even with the enclosure on top. I ended up sitting the enclosure on the floor without a stand. This makes me sad. It should be more sturdy. Easy fix if their had been a brace on the stand. Not worth the money for sure and I really wanted to be able to recommend this product.

Riker N.

Easy to assemble and very sturdy.

William S.

Great pair with my other products from zen.


Great product! Easy to assemble.

alicia J.

The stand is awful. Save your money and get a different stand somewhere else or build your own. It’s very wobbly. I wanted to send it back but I can’t remove the stand from the cage by myself because of the tape bonding the two. The plastic joints don’t fit tightly enough and they just slide out of the metal. I was told the stand was safe and can hold a lot of weight but I have to be incredibly careful when opening the plastic doors to prevent it from swaying too far.

R Wayne C.

Why would I give this company glory? I get nothing in return and I'm not so sure what I purchased was worth the money I spent.


We put it together exactly how the video showed. The corner pieces come out all the time, it wobbles and whenever we open the doors to the tank the whole stand moves with it. Id of rather spent that money on a stand with shelves and something that was going to handle the tank better

Najia P.

It's holding up well...wish there was a cover for it so you could hide things under it if you like

letticia g.

Stand is still very unstable even with the upgrades as mentioned on the site. Wouldn't recommend.

Jarrod N.

Izzy, our little dinosaur, is only about 7/8 months old. Unfortunately we didnt know about 'brumation', and the change in enclosures along with a slight temp. drop seemed to have sent her into full snooze mode.. lol Only got a chance to add a few items from her previous enclosure before she went down.. Do not worry, she has plenty of goodies and new lights, along with 3 very jealous kids who stare at her for hours.. Izzy even has her own blanket and down comforter. Hopefully since she is still young and the days are starting to get longer she wont be asleep for much longer and we can share more pics when we add all her new stuff!! Thank you!

Annette B.

The stand is definitely not as sturdy as I would have hoped.

Shashe P.

We love our new enclosure so does our Dragon. It is huge plenty of room for her to roam.

Susan H.

Great quality

Khushnuma C.

Fits fine and matches the tank. It's very wobbly and I had to get a handyman to brace it so factor that into the cost. But looks great.

Matthew S.

Its incredibly wobbly, every time I interact with my snakes enclosure it shakes a lot.

Joyce S.

The enclosure is great! My beardie Rogue has lots of room to run around now. It's well built and durable.

Denver W.

Not very sturdy

Laura C.

works great and looks great

Lindsay C.

Very unstable and flimsy. Definitely not worth the money

Winter M.

The stand is very sturdy and I like the sliding doors of the tank. My only issue is that the doors get stuck when you slide them sometimes so the tank shakes and the loud sound scares my beardie. Otherwise it's a great size and home for my little girl.

Meghan L.

Thank you

Bethany H.

The stand I recieved works and i expected it to hold the stand in place not just rest on top. the stank is also a bit shaky but i was offered a new stand but declined. thank you for offering and thank you even more for an epic enclosure

Tirzah J.

It’s pretty wobbly. I love the enclosures, but I think I might need to transition the enclosure off of this. I can’t open the door without the whole thing shaking.

Meghan L.

Thank you much for a new one! I love it alot. My camera isn't working at the moment. So I cant take a phone.

veronica w.

After seeing the YouTube video couldn't still get it to stop moving under the habitate. I did get a refund back. Thank you for that.

Paige P.

It's so wobbly, I wish I'd read the reviews and purchased the deluxe stacking spacer instead. The entire enclosure wobbles side-to-side when I slide open the doors. Hoping I'll be able to afford the spacer soon to replace the stand. :(

James K.

Simple to put together. Easy instructions.

Devin O.

The enclosure stand is very wobbly with the 4x2x2 PVC enclosure on top of it. It shakes with the slightest amount of force, e.g., opening the doors. I'll either need to reinforce it or buy a different table or stand.

Alissa H.

Very wobbly. I added the tank on top with decorations and it still moves when I open the sliding doors. We put bungy cables diagonally and it has helped but it still moves.

Courtney S.

Serves the purpose but dislike the wobble.

Jessica N.

This is absolutely one of the best places I've ever done business with. We purchased an enclosure near the beginning of this year for our ball python, and while it took months to deliver because of Covid they kept us updated every step of the way and even discounted it 50% for the long wait time. The enclosure is amazing, and so easy to put together with their instructional video. Every time I've emailed with a question I've never had to wait more than a day for a response. Recently I realized I probably accidentally threw away the humidity screen not realizing it was in the box with the enclosure, I emailed asking how I could replace it and I had a new one on my doorstep within the same week free of charge. I literally could not ask anything more from a company, they go above and beyond and their products are next to none. 100% recommend.

Peri R.

This stand would have been a lot better if I had purchased it as the whole cabinet. Instead I just bought the frame. It wasn't sturdy enough so I returned it. Return was very quick and easy.

Richard S.

The enclosure is FANTASTIC and we love it...the stand however is very wobbly and not high quality. Very disappointed. I wish they were more forthcoming about this major flaw.

Leticia I.

Too wobbly

Kelsey H.

Kinda wobbly when opening and closing the tank on top. I’ve gotten used to it. Still strong though and looks nice with the tank

emily k.

Absolutely wonderful we love these cages!

Destiny S.

Absolutely amazing ! While it did take a while to receive both tanks/stands, the wait was totally worth it! Incredibly easy to build and super light weight!

Violet A.

Easy to put together.

Julian P.

Great looking stand but I wish it was a lot more sturdy. The slightest touch makes the whole tank shake and I don’t think my Beardie likes that.

Tyler V.

I love the simplicity to it, just wish it wouldn’t wobble as much but with the tape it for sure won’t go anywhere and it sturdy with my deep substrate as well.

Kathrine D.

It's flimsy but it looks nice

Malorie S.

Awesome and really pretty! Easy enough to set up.

Kelley K.

Love it was harder to put up then I thought. But it’s a nice big cage my dragon loves !

Randi H.

The stand is very wobbly. I had to put braces up so that I wouldn't worry about my enclosure falling off.

Ashley A.

I absolutely love this enclosure! It looks amazing and it is VERY spacious! I also got the zen mat and zen habitat stand, which are also amazing! This enclosure retains heat well which is a plus. It also very well built. Not heavy and easy to move which is great for me. I love love love the screen at the top too. It has bars where you can hang your lights with a place for your Cords to bed through in the back. I have been recommending this enclosure to everyone I know and I will continue too spread the word. Zen also has THE BEST customer service! If I could give my overall experience 10 stars I would.

Miranda H.

Perfect for the tank. Easy assembly. Very lightweight.

Samiilyn H.

Great communication!! Amazing quality!!! Could have found a better one!!!

Ricky R.

Came damaged and my request for a partial refund was ignored.

Joanne MacIntyre

Very nice and easy to assemble I was a little nervous putting this stand together but Randy's video was very helpful. You see, i'm not very savvy when it comes to assembling things..LOL!! I was quite pleased with myself once it was put together though. Not being very strong, I had to use a rubber mallet to make sure the pieces fit together real tight. If I can do it, anybody can!! Well worth the money, in my opinion!!

Zen Habitats

Enclosure Stand - for 122x61 based enclosures

Regular price £62.99 GBP
Regular price £0.00 GBP Sale price £62.99 GBP
Free Shipping on Orders £150+!
Are you looking for a stand for your reptile enclosure? Our affordable and lightweight 122x61x61 Reptile Enclosure Stand is a secure base for your vivarium. VHB (very high bond) tape is used to secure the stand to the enclosure to prevent slipping and misalignment. This sturdy stand is made of the same high-quality materials and features the same pressure corners used in our reptile enclosures, so they work perfectly together! Read more