Newsletter Issue 6: September 29, 2020

Zen Habitats Newsletter HeaderIssue 6: September 29, 2020


Check out our new short video, "Zen Habitats: In Their Words" where we hear from YouTubers in the reptile community about Zen Habitats. Click here to watch!  (And don't forget to "like" & "subscribe"!)

Zen Habitats: In Their Words


Zen Customer Spotlight: Tortoises

Dan, along with many of our Zen fans are keeping tortoises in Zen Habitats enclosures! He keeps Egyptian tortoises in the 48"x24"x16" PVC Enclosure (top). On the bottom, he is keeping red footed tortoises temporarily for the winter; then they go back outside in the spring!



It's fall and temps are dropping! Are the temperatures inside your enclosures what you think they are? Looking once doesn't mean that they're good all the time (especially at night time). A digital thermometer with a min and max value should be used at a minimum and checked regularly.  Check out this one from Amazon!

Hot Topic: Stacking Options

Want to create an epic enclosure stack, but aren't sure where to start? Watch this video to learn about all stacking options from Zen Habitats. 


Zen Cares: Russian Tortoise

Check out this great Russian Tortoise care sheet from Reptiles Magazine to learn everything there is to know about how to properly care for them! See more care sheets from Reptiles Magazine here.

Russian Tortoise Enclosure
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