Newsletter Issue 4: September 1, 2020

Issue 4: September 1, 2020

Zen Customer Spotlight

Erica says that "since getting my zen a couple weeks ago my baby has already gotten bigger and more vibrant." That's what we love to hear! Scarlett is a happy beardie!

Bearded Dragon Enclosure

 Bearded Dragon Enclosure


Hot Topic: Lighting 

How do I attach lighting to my Zen Habitats enclosure?

Because everyone’s lighting needs are different, we created our habitats with the most flexibility possible.  You can place your lights on top or inside the unit. We even have a wire grommet for your electric cords.  Lighting on the inside can be attached to the support bars using a multitude of different fasteners.  We choose to use zip ties or a small chain

Lighting Guides for Your Reptile

For lighting guides for your specific reptile, check out the Care Sheets on our website. Don't see your specific species? Check out Reptifiles Care Sheets for a complete list.

Zen Cares: Blue Tongue Skink

We get many questions about the proper care of blue tongue skinks. Mariah Healey from Reptifiles uses scientifically based, research-driven information, along with practical knowledge to help us put together the care sheets found on our website. Check out our Blue Tongue Skink Care Sheet for care tips! For a complete list of our care sheets click here!

Blue Tongue Skink