Newsletter Issue 1: July 21, 2020

Zen Habitats Newsletter

Issue 1: July 21, 2020

Zen Customer Spotlight: Hedgehogs

Zen Habitats enclosures are for more than just reptiles! Check out these awesome hedgehog setups from Jan (left) and Magnolia (right). Jan's enclosure was featured in a children's book and Magnolia created a bio-active environment for her little guy - How cool! Magnolia also personalized her enclosure by replacing the side panels with clear acrylic ones. They both used our 4'x2'x2' Wood Enclosure.

Hedgehog Enclosure Hedgehog Enclosure


Hot Topic: Wood vs. PVC Newsletter 1

Which is better for your pet? 

Many people ask the difference between our PVC and wood panel enclosures. When choosing, consider the humidity needs of your pet. The main difference is the amount of humidity the panels can handle without causing damage. Click here to read more!

Zen Cares: Beardies

At Zen Habitats get a ton of questions about the proper care of bearded dragons. Mariah Healey from Reptifiles uses scientifically based, research-driven information, along with practical knowledge to help us put together the care sheets found on our website. Check out our Bearded Dragon Care Sheet for care tips! For a complete list of our care sheets click here!

Bearded Dragon Care Sheet