Newsletter 15: February 2, 2021

Zen Expert Spotlight: Dan Rowe of Rowe Reptiles

Our own Dan Rowe has come a long way in the reptile world. As a young boy he was an enthusiastic pet owner interested in lizards. Today he’s President of the New England Herpetological Society. The society, established for reptile and amphibian enthusiasts in 1972, focuses on conservation, education, and the advancement of herpetology. Learn more about Dan’s journey in the reptile world!





For Your InformaZEN

Watch the latest installment of the From Concept to Reality video series. Randy discusses the importance of customer feedback and how the information we receive can impact the way we do things at Zen Habitats. We’re listening and would love to hear from, email support@zenhabitats or call (978) 763-3035!

YouTuber Tarantula Kat also has reptile friends! In this video she reviews our 4x2x2 wood enclosure. She decided her bearded dragon, Tut, needed an upgraded setup and turned to Zen Habitats!

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