Emzotip #1 - Finding Your Niche

Hey affiliates, welcome to the first ever Emzotip!

The goal of this section of the Affiliate ConnectZen is to help you build your online brand, and to help you maximize your impact, influence, and income. This week, my tip for you will be the foundation from which you can build a successful career in almost any space, and it certainly applies to being a social media content creator. 

Emzotip # 1: Find a niche you love!


A niche is defined as "a specialized segment of the market for a particular kind of product or service." Finding and understanding your niche will help you create content which is more easily found and enjoyed by viewers who will value your specific knowledge. To find your niche, think about the biggest umbrella your content might fit under and then focus in on specific headings that best describe the content you enjoy making.

Here are two examples of how you might find your niche within the 'animals' genre:

Example 1:
animals - pets - exotic pets - rescuing exotic pets - rescuing exotic pet birds - care for rescued exotic birds

Example 2:
animals - pets - exotic pets - reptiles - reptile habitats - bioactive habitats - creating diy bioactive setups 

Having a niche might sound limiting, but it can help you to stand out in a sea full of creators and connect you with a dedicated audience. 


Within the animal scene, Coyote Peterson (aka ‘Brave Wilderness’) stands out as the creator who takes animal bites in the name of science and entertainment. His channel has amassed a gargantuan 18.8 million YouTube subscribers, who tune in weekly to watch his daring adventures, and to learn about bites, venoms, and other animal defense mechanisms. 


‘AntsCanada’ is also a massive creator that focuses on tiny animal subjects and found his niche by creating content purely on the dynamics of ant colonies. You might be wondering how many people could possibly be interested in the daily life of ant colonies. The answer to that question is 4.2 million subscribers and growing daily! 


These creators understand the content their audiences want to consume and have managed to build strong communities around the knowledge and passion they exude for their niche.  


If you’re having fun creating and delivering your content, this will translate to your audience, and they will find greater enjoyment in watching your videos. This will help to build a strong community, inspire brand loyalty, and lead to returning viewers, conversions on products you sell, and affiliate links you recommend to your audience. 


I hope you enjoyed this month's Emzotip! 


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