Emzotip - July, 2021


Hey affiliates, welcome back to Emzotips! My monthly article provides tips that can help you to maximize your online impact, influence, and income.

This month’s tip is: ‘Build a Community’.

Film and television exploded in popularity during the 1950’s, which paved the way for household name celebrities to become valuable advertising assets. The voices and likenesses of celebrities became the billboards for mega-brand endorsements and marketing campaigns.

Whilst traditional celebrities still have a place in the marketing of film and television, today’s mega brands are investing in, and partnering with the new celebrities - Social Media Influencers.

Creators with millions of followers (as well as micro-influencers) are winning lucrative sponsorship deals thanks to their ability to connect brands with a focused, primed, and actionable group of consumers.

Building and nurturing a community and following is not only a wonderful way to share your unique thoughts and style within the genre you are most passionate about, but it’s also the foundation on which you build the rest of your business.

The strength of your following (your likes, comments, and video views) is what helps marketing agencies to wisely invest their budgets, for a maximum return on their investment. Therefore, cultivating community participation is key.

Here are some tips to help you get started:

Be authentic. By being yourself, you will attract the people who will resonate most closely with your content and message. This will make them feel more inclined to engage with your posts when you apply a Call to Action in your content - such as something you want them to answer or respond to in a survey.

Be vulnerable. Sharing your triumphs as well as your struggles will make you, and your content, much more relatable. Having relating content creates a bond and a sense of belonging within your community.

Encourage a fandom name. J. K. Rowling has the ‘PotterHeads’, Justin Bieber has his ‘Beliebers’, and Emzotic has its ‘Creature Crew’. Creating a fandom name inspires a sense of belonging and unity between your followers.

Ask your following for feedback and constructive criticism. Involve them in your everyday decision making, such as name suggestions for your latest pet. Inspiring community by asking questions, reading answers, and replying to comments will encourage your audience to continue following you and returning to see what you’re working on. This, in turn, will boost your engagement statistics that are highly favored by various social media platforms.

As you build your audience and following, stay humble and honest about the products and services you enjoy. Nothing turns a community away from a creator faster than the feeling that they are being disingenuous!

Have fun! Above all, have fun with your community. You’ll see a much higher rate of return on your efforts to share your affiliate link and other content. Actively engage with your following, answer questions, try your best to educate or entertain, and share in the celebrations of your successes with followers and fans.

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