Beyond The Care Sheets, October 2021

Beyond the Care Sheets is a Zen Habitats Instagram Live series featuring influencers and experts discussing advanced care of reptiles and related topics. View the series hosted by Em Locke on YouTube and watch out for our next one!

Beyond The Care Sheets, October 2021

Blue-tongued Skink - Mariah Healy, Reptifiles

Em and Mariah Healey of ReptiFiles discuss all you need to know about the Blue-tongued Skink.

Crested Gecko - Tyler Rugge

Have you wanted to learn more about the Crested Gecko? Watch this conversation between Tyler Rugge and Em!

Ball Python - Gabby Nikolle

Gabby Nikolle of Florida’s Wildest and Em discuss all things Ball Python! 

Finale - Mariah, Tyler, Gabby, and Em

Our influencers return for this Q&A that touches on care for a variety of reptiles.