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Expert Talks About Life with Her Green Tree Python

Tricia Green Tree Python Tricia Green Tree Python


Tricia Koczor’s brother introduced her to his Water Dragon and the rest is reptile history.

“I first became interested in reptiles when my older brother kept a Water Dragon. I thought they were out of this world and I always favored animals that others found ‘weird’ or ‘gross’,” says Tricia. “They are each so special in their own ways and deserve more appreciation. My first turtle is what really sold me on reptile keeping.”

In the 11 years since, she’s explored other species and has had a variety of pets including Whites Tree Frogs, a Bearded Dragon and more. “Eventually I felt I was knowledgeable enough to take on the challenge of a Green Tree Python.”

Loving what Makes Metamora Unique

Tricia absolutely loves her Green Tree Python, Metamora, and everything that makes her truly unique.

“There are so many amazing traits about Green Tree Pythons - I’m not sure

where to start,” she says. “I guess I will begin with their coloration that drastically changes from babies to adulthood.” Young pythons are red or yellow and over time transform into green, earning their name.

Tricia says, “Another amazing trait is their prehensile tail and because they are arboreal and live up in trees. This makes them very adept at hunting from above and using their tails to hang on while striking. They also use their tails to lure in prey, which is amazingly interesting.”

She also says that their temperament can easily be misunderstood. “They get highly defensive which can be mistaken as aggression. If they are treated with the utmost respect, some of these snakes can have a very docile demeanor.”

Green Tree Python Care Takes Patience and Experience

The most important aspects regarding Green Tree Python husbandry are their high humidity requirement for an enclosure, such as an enclosure from Zen Habitats  and delicate basking area that must be exact. These snakes, she says, can overheat and dehydrate easily, so their care almost becomes and art. This is the reason they are not a good reptile for beginners and require a lot of research, reptile knowledge, experience, and passion.

“The most surprising thing I have found out about Green Tree Pythons since bringing Metamora into my life is how sweet they can be. I always thought they were nippy snakes, but I have not experienced a single bite or aggression”, says Tricia, “Sure, if I get in her way while doing maintenance, she will let out a hiss to let me know I’m bothering her. But if someone woke you up in the middle of the night wouldn’t you say something?”

Tips from Tricia:

  • If you need to handle your green tree python or do maintenance and don’t want to disturb them, use removeable perches. This allows your snake to stay put on the perch without much disturbance. Your snake will appreciate this as it will keep its stress levels down during maintenance.

  • These animals are amazing to observe in their habitats. They are not a snake to get if you want a lot of hands experience.

If you're interested in getting a perch for your snake, check out the Large Magnetic Powered Rock Ledge from Zen Habitats to see if it’s right for your pet!

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