Review from Southwestern Herpetologist Society

"It’s much bigger than it looks. At 4x2x2, I was surprised that it’s far lighter than other cages in it's class." 

"Everything goes though the front, sliding, clear plastic doors. Both can be removed pretty easy for interior set up."

"I kept several animals to see how it worked with each one. It kept the heat in the area pretty good even with the screen top."

"It works great for small to midsize lizards."

"They were also kind enough to provide a mat that fits the bottom perfectly. This makes clean up a breeze compared to other materials."

"It is still being tested for the long term and so far, other than the front doors getting a bit scratched up from the Tegu, it is wonderful." 

"If you have the room and appreciate a lighter cage, this is the one for you."