Q&A: Em Lock Helps Launch Zen Habitats UK

In early 2022, when Zen Habitats UK was established to offer Zen products to reptile lovers in England, Em Lock joined our team as the UK Vice President of Marketing and Sales. Known online as animal education content creator Emzotic, she is originally from the UK and was tapped to lead our new venture in her home country.

What is most exciting about Zen Habitats coming to the UK?

Em: I am excited for the UK to discover the benefits and the incredible value of our reptile enclosure and product range. A Zen Habitats enclosure is a lifetime investment for any beloved family pet reptile.

Does Zen Habitats bring something different and new to the UK market?

Em: Absolutely! Our patent-pending Meridian enclosures are currently the only on the market that offer such versatility. Our enclosures assemble in just minutes, but they are also stackable (without restricting airflow for ventilation), endlessly extendable using our extension and corner extension kits, and lightweight and extremely durable. We offer front-opening doors to minimize the animal’s stress. Our habitats come with various optional extras, such as humidity shields to offer increased humidity support.

What is the reptile community like in the UK? Is it different from Americans?

Em: There is certainly no difference in the passion and interest each community shows for pet reptiles. At Zen Habitats, we began creating our enclosures with dimensions inspired by UK and European enclosures. I am pleased to see a global shift away from the idea of ‘minimum space requirements,’ with a focus instead on how to support a reptile’s needs so that they thrive in our care. I am proud that our rapidly growing community is also driven by a desire to improve the standards of care for pet reptiles.

What are the most popular reptile pets in the UK?

Em: Bearded Dragons, Corn Snakes, Royal Pythons, and Leopard Geckos are currently the UK’s most popular pet reptiles. Crested geckos are also climbing in popularity due to their manageable size, adorable faces, relatively straightforward care, and personalities. Our full range of Meridian enclosures offers enriching enclosures for the terrestrial and arboreal species mentioned above.

Why did you join Zen?

Em: I initially joined Zen Habitats because I found a company and community of innovative thinkers who truly had the well-being of pets at the core of their mission. Having worked as a zoological specialist and being an advocate for reptile welfare and education, I have seen some of the best and the most unsuitable creations within the companion reptile space. I can confidently say that there is no enclosure within this price point to match Zen Habitats for ease of assembly, versatility, or value.

What are your goals as VP of Marketing and Sales?

Em: I should say ‘selling,’ but truthfully, what drives and excites me is to help people discover the many benefits of investing in their reptile’s health and well-being. We learn from our vast, positive, and active community of customers and, in return, offer innovations in reptile enclosures and accessories and a wealth of learning resources.