Newsletter 18: March 16, 2021


Newsletter 18: March 16, 2021

Zen Expert Em Lock Talks Tokays

Growing up in Hong Zen Expert Em Lock Talks Tokays Kong allowed her to have an up close look at different species, learn about them, and come to love them. Her passion led her to create her popular YouTube channel, Emzotic. There she highlights all kinds of exotic animals, many of them reptiles, for her over 700K subscribers.   

Meet Our New Animal Care Manager


Kasey D’Amico recently joined Zen Habitats as Animal Care Manager and we couldn’t be more excited! She’ll be in our office caring for our many reptile babies. You will begin to see a variety of Zen Habitats videos, social media, and web content featuring Kasey!


Design Your Dream Setup Today!

Pet owners like you are going to our website and building  enclosure setups to see exactly what they will look like at home! Go to Design Your Dream Setup and click on enclosures, stands and spacers until the setup is just what you want! Everything will be added to your cart at the same time!

Videos to View


Tricia Koczor recently brought home Baloo, her 5-month-old Panther Chameleon! Watch these videos on her Reptilian Garden YouTube channel! 

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