Blue Tongued Skink Care

Kasey's Corner Q&A: Blue-tongued Skink

Kasey, Zen's Animal Care Manager and CVT, answers your questions about Blue-tongued Skinks. Native to Indonesia and Australia, skinks can make great pets even if they can be picky eaters!

Blue Tongued Skink Care Sheet Provided by Reptilfiles

As part of our partnership, ReptiFiles has prepared scientifically-backed care sheets just for Zen Habitats fans. Blue Tongued Skinks make good pets due to their docile temperaments, slow movement, and manageable size. Get a shopping list and learn more all about terrarium size, lighting, temperature, humidity, substrate, feeding, handling!

Blue-tongued Skink is the Cheese

Lorelei completely wins for having one of the best names we’ve heard of for a Blue-tongued skink, or any reptile for that matter!